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Dongyue Group Limited has been successfully listed in Hong Kong stock exchange

 On Dec. 10th 2007, Dongyue Group Limited has successfully finished the global offering and been listed in Hong Kong stock exchange (Code: 00189). Mr. Liu Hui yan, the municipal committee secretary of Zibo and the director of Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Mr. Song Jun Ji, members of the municipal standing party committee and the secretary-General of municipal Party committee and Mr. Liu Chun Jie, the members of the county’s standing party committee and subprefect of Huan Tai have attended the listing congregation and banquet.
Mr. Zhang Jian Hong, the Chairman of the Board and CEO on the congregation told media: “Dongyue Group Limited has been successfully listed in Hong Kong stock exchange today. It is a significant milestone of Dongyue 20 years’ development. As one of the biggest corporations of supplying environment protection refrigerants and fluorine & silicon materials, Dongyue Group has focused on developing new environment protection, new material and new energy sources. We also broke foreign technology monopoly and created unique competitive advantages. The success and excellence of the listing today fully means that the investors and Hong Kong people gave their supports and trust to Dongyue. Dongyue will keep its solid development tendency and go on leading the market.”
Dongyue Group held its investor promotion meeting on Nov. 19th and global offering meeting on Nov. 25th this year. Group’s Industrial characteristics and competitive advantages attracted Hong Kong and global investors, the offering and sale work has been finished smoothly. Medias from Hong Kong and other countries paid high attention to Dongyue. Furthermore, they introduced Dongyue’s development and products in all aspects. More than 200 manuscripts have been published in one month. Fluorine & Silicon material, which used to be a new expression, now become a focus in Hong Kong.

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