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Have eyes on two pieces of obsolete equipment

On September 15th 1986, one day before the Mid-autumn Festival, Mr Zhang Jianhong found two furnaces being removed from the converter workshop, and at that time Zhang Jianhong was the leader of the construction team in Jinan Chemical Factory. By his work experience in this factory, he realized that these two pieces of equipment was used to produce AHF that was military product. Staring on these two eliminated furnaces, Zhang Jianhong came up with an idea of taking the obsolete equipment back to Huantai and then starting a factory.

    After dinner that day, Zhang Jianhong told Mr. Liu Chuanqi his discovery and thoughts. Liu Chuanqi totally agreed with him, and immediately they went to see these furnaces in the south plant of the factory. They can’t wait to talk it over with Mr. Wang Zhaoheng. Coincidentally, Wang Zhaoheng had something to talk with them. Sitting on the parterre in the factory, these three people talked about the furnaces.

    Minds think alike. Wang Zhaoheng had totally understood their thoughts before Zhang and Liu finished their words. Short-tempered, Wang Zhaoheng stood on his feet all of sudden, and said to them, ‘ I go and talk to Mr. Zhou (the factory manager), you two wait here for my message’. At the same time, he rode on the bike and went out the factory.

    Zhang Jianhong and Liu Chuanqi were sitting on the parterre, and were uneasily waiting for Wang Zhaoheng’s back. They knew that it is totally up to Manager Zhou. If Wang Zhaoheng, as the key technician and the pioneer of Jinan Chemical Factory, could not get these furnaces from Manager Zhou, then no one else can.

    Soon Wang Zhaoheng rode back excitedly, and said, ‘it’s done. Manager Zhou said that since the furnaces is out of use, it doesn’t matter who wants it. You made great contributions to the factory. If you buy it, no one will disagree.’ Wnag Zhaoheng asked Manager Zhou to sell him the accessory equipment all together, and Manager Zhou agreed.

    Now with the furnaces, how to start a factory? Starting a factory needs to solve a series of issues, such as capital, land and technology, each of which cannot be easily solved. Anxiety-ridden, Zhang Jianhong and Liu Chuanqi discussed with Wang Zhaoheng for many times, and they decided to go back to Huantai to solve the problems.

    After the Mid-autumn Day, they went back to Huantai, and soon found the way to solve the problems: Tangshan Construction Company took charge of building the factory, and Wang Zhaoheng was an expert in technology and producing.

    They happily went back to Jinan to settle the transfer of equipment, but Manager Zhou told them unexpected news: there is a workshop director, nicknamed Cripple Wang, and he was from Changqin, a county of Jinan. He wanted these two furnaces transferred to his county, for the excuse of not letting the opportunities go outside, and the equipment can only be transferred inside Jinan. Changqin belongs to Jinan, so it has the priority. Otherwise it’s not politically reasonable.

    Having heard this, they hurried back Huantai, and they visited Zhao Kui, the party Secretary of Huantai. Secretary Zhao immediately went to seek help from Director Dong of Zibo Chemical Bureau. They decided to hold a talk with the leaders in the provincial Chemical Bureau, in order to obtain the project.

    Several days later, Wang Zhaoheng went to Jinan along with Secretary Zhao and Director Dong. At first, they met Mr. Zhou and heard his opinion. Mr. Zhou shook his head and said, ‘ you overreacted to it. If leaders of provincial Bureau said no to your request, there is no leeway. We’d better not say this to the leaders.’

    Secretary Zhao and Director Dong found Mr. Zhou’s words quite reasonable. But how solve it? Mr. Zhou already had something in his mind, and said, ‘I’m going to find another project for Changqing, and then each county will have its own project, and there will be no need to fight.’

    During the winter of 1986, they finally reached an agreement, and Jinan Chemical Factory- Huantai Branch, now known as Dongyue Group, was established. No one thought that these two furnaces make Dongyue Group the lead company in China Fluorine industry 25 years later.

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