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38 people pursue the dream in Jinan

On February 22rd 1987, the factory was assured to be built. Mr. Liu Chuanqi, Mr. Wang (former Manager of the factory) and several others stayed and made some preparation. Zhang Jianhong led 38 new recruits to Jinan Chemical Factory to learn skills.

    Those 38 recruits were all from the countryside. They were very excited to be able receive training from the well-known state-owned enterprise. Crushing in a small bus, they talked and laughed all the way.

    When reached Jinan, they moved in a small hotel near the Jinan Chemical Factory. Based on the conditions, four people lived in a room, leaving a very narrow aisle in the room.

    Based on the previous grouping, they were divided into 7 workshops (such as refrigeration, electric and hydrogen fluoride) to do practice, and each of them took a notebook with them. They were asked to humbly seek knowledge from the master workers and to take notes. They were asked not only to master the operation skill of every technique, but also to find out operation keys of all equipment and the relationships among different types of work.
After work, Zhang Jianhong checked their notebooks, and asked them

     At that time, worker of Jinan Chemical Factory said that it would take at least two months to take the equipment to Huantai. Especially, these two furnaces, which have the length of 11 meter, diameter of 0.8 meter, and weigh tens of ton, were really difficult to transport. Moreover, there was some residue in the equipment. When unscrew it, it gave off foul smell and made people sick. However, they totally ignored it, and they were like treasure hunters, and did let of anything, such as a valve, a piece of iron pipe, an electrode, a flange and a screw. Dismounting and shipping the equipment was a dirty and tired job, since there is no hoisting machine to use. There were only chain block, crowbar, steel tube, wrench and other simple tools. The most capable tool are their hands, feet and shoulders. Additionally, reassembling the equipment is not an easy job. There were no detailed layout diagrams, general assembly drawing, and parts diagram. Under this circumstance, Liu Chuanqi used a primary way to classify and code these main devices. It made it so clear to see which part links to which part. After transported these devices home, Mr. Wang used this record to guide the assembling of the equipment.

    It totally took no more than half a month to dismount and shipping the equipment, which greatly surprised the workers at Jinan Chemical Factory. The training, organized by Zhan Jianhong, had different duration from one month to 3 month. They were splitted into two teams, one team responsible for dismounting the equipment, and the other for assembling. When they finished the disassembling, the others accomplished the basic and fundamental assembling. One Sunday during the disassembling, Zhang Jianhong gave them a tour at the Gold Bull Garden to let them relax. And the photo ’38 people seek dream in Jinan’ was taken then.

    On July 1st 1987, these two furnaces went into operation, which start the entrepreneurial journey of Dongyue, and turned to a new page of the development of China’s fluorine industry.



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