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Auditor at the industry meeting

In October1989, the new project--oxalic acid was totally shut down due to the influence of America’s economic sanction on China. This is a real threshold to the development of the company.

    What should the company do next? At that time, Mr. Wang got the news from his friends that China association of organic fluorine material was going to hold a meeting in Shanghai, and during the meeting leaders of the association and experts would give some useful ideas and advice to the enterprises.

    In October 1991, President Zhang Jianhong and Chief engineer Yu Xiuyuan were aboard the train to Shanghai. Since it was their first time to attend this kind of meeting, they collected a lot of information beforehand and arrived in Shanghai one day earlier.

     The next day, Zhang Jianhong and Yu Xiuyuan got to the venue early, but they were stopped at the door by the organizers of the meeting. The reason is that Dongyue was not listed in the industry, and then was not eligible for the meeting.

    Zhang Jianhong said to Yu Xiuyuan, ‘now that we are here, we could go back with nothing.’ Then they found some meeting notifications and material to learn some industry information. Afterwards, Zhang Jianhong found a telephone booth at the street, called Mr. Wang and saw if he could contact some experts that they could visit.

    After many calls, Mr. Wang got to know that an acquainted expert was at the meeting. At that night, Zhang Jianhong and Yu Xiuyuan went to the hotel to visit the expert, and told him their intention. After getting to know the company-Dongyue and that they were blocked outside, the expert was touched, and talked to them his opinion about the development of the industry. Also he contacted and require the meeting affairs to let Zhang Jianhong and Yu Xiuyuan attend the meeting.

    The next day at the meeting, there are two auditors present at a corner of the hall. In fact, the meeting only lasted one day and a half. That is to say, Zhang Jianhong and Yu Xiuyuan only participated the closing ceremony of the meeting, and some key issues were already discussed on the first day of the meeting.

    Back from Shanghai, they talked with management level and some experts in the industry, and officially started the project of 3000 ton refrigerant in the Spring of 1992, which started a new age of Dongyue’s development. Now Dongyue has already become the vice president company of the association of organic-fluorine industry. Dongyue held the 11th Five-Year Development Plan Conference of the fluorine-silicon industry at Zibo Hotel.



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