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Posters at the exhibition

In October 1990, former factory director Liu Chuanqi and former sales manager Yao Benzhong took part in the new project that Jinan Chemical Factory newly put into practice, and they heard of the news that National Chemical Exhibition would be hold in Handan, Hubei province. They both thought it would be a great opportunity and decided to participate. But chemical exhibitions of this scale, only state-owned enterprises like Jinan Chemical Factory and Juhua were eligible to participate. At that time, Dongyue is an unknown township enterprise, and was not invited to the exhibition. Even if it attends the exhibition, it will not be welcomed. But they both wanted to have a try.

    They got a lift to Handan from a trunk driver. Because of bad road conditions, it took them a whole day to get to Handan. When they arrived in Handan, it was already midnight, and they finally found a small hotel to stay. Early the next day, they went to the exhibition venue.

    Since they got to the venue too early, they waited outside for almost three hours. When seeing the beautiful booth and rich information of products, they feel so jealous.

    How to publicize our products at the exhibition? Liu Chuanqi suddenly came up with an idea, and he said to Yao Benzhong, ‘we did not have a booth, so we cannot make a board. How about we buy some paper, write some slogans and brief introduction of our company, and post it up?’ Yao Benzhong thought it was a great idea, and then he went to the nearest shop to buy red paper and writing brushes. Although the handwriting was not beautiful, they two made two hundred pieces of poster in order to publicize.

    The next day, they arrived at the venue early, and put up the posters one by one at prominent places and near the booth of every enterprise attending the exhibition, which draw wide attention.

    After the exhibition, a lot of clients actively contacted Dongyue, and then built cooperation relationships with Dongyue.

    Dongyue made its first debut at the Handan Chemical Exhibition 1990. With the industry becoming more standardized and more professional, there are all kinds of exhibition, such as Refrigerants Exhibition, Organic Fluorine Material Exhibition, and Fluorine Material. Moreover, Dongyue also becomes a star company, and lead the development direction of the industry.

    Yao Benzhong, Liu staggered back to the dorm.


    The next day, the director gave them 200 thousand yuan, and said, ‘I learned that how awesome you Huantai citizen are.’

    Today we talk about this thing like a joke, but it reflected the selfless spirit of the pioneers of Dongyue. The staggering figures and crooked footprints become the guidepost of the descendants. Dongyue gradually build up its sales team that is represented by Yao Benzhong, Wang Qiang, Rong Qingjin, Zhang Zuotao, Rong Youchang and others. And they are called 18 Pines.


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