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The treasure box of Dongyue

 During the early years of Dongyue, being diligent and thrifty is a ethos of Dongyue, due to less capital and weak foundation.

    One day in August 1987, AHF project(annual productivity being 1200ton) had been put into practice for just one month, and former factory director Mr Wang did his routine inspection. Coincidentally, a truck loaded with raw material came to the factory, and spattered small pieces of fluorite at the turning. Mr Wang saw this and picked up the spattered fluorite. Holding it in his arms, Mr Wang put it back to the fluorite heap at distance. Meanwhile, there was one worker transiting fluorite powder to the workshop, and he accidentally spilled some on the ground, and was going to sweep it to the drainage ditch. Having seen this, Mr Wang went to fetch some tools and helped the worker collect the fluorite powder and carry it back to the workshop. He held the fluorite powder in his hands, and said to the workers on the spot, ‘fellas, don’t look down upon this little amount of raw material. It’s the most precious thing for us.’ Mr Wang’s words and behavior left a deep impression on the first generation of entrepreneurs.

     During the period of scale expanding, a lot of projects were done all by themselves. One morning in May 1993, Xing Yujin, who was just transferred to the workshop to take charge of project construction, hurried to the workplace with a woven bag. This bag was full of asphalt residues. He found the asphalt residues spattered on the road when he was on his way to work. So he got a woven bag, and collected these residues one by one, just like these are treasures. He handed these residues to Jing Liyun, who was doing pipe anti-corrosion.Jing Liyun found an unused wok, and boiled the asphalt residues to asphalt paint. She used this asphalt paint to do the pipe anti-corrosion. By doing this, they know they saved money for the company.

     When the polymer company was started in 2001, Dongyue entered into the period of fast development. Even though Dongyue Group got bigger, they didn’t discarded the way of being thrift and diligent. During the first phase of the organic silicone project construction, Wei Qingcai, monitor of maintenance section, changed an abandoned iron drum into a screws-collecting box. And he asked workers to put the old screws and nuts into the box. They would recycle these screws and nuts when they did repair or installation of the equipment. As to the old flanges, Wei Qingjin thought it was a pity to throw them away, and he asked workers form the maintenance section to recycle the waste flanges, and then.


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