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Mr Zhang Shihe washing coal

Dongyue has been established for over 25 years, and the sense of responsibility and the professional ethics of the pioneers are among the most precious treasures.

     Zhang Shihe, director of furnace workshop, made a record of the longest service life of boilers in the industry, and of never letting boiler malfunction affect production. Moreover, the story of Zhang Shihe washing coal and examining coal is also well-known.

     At that time, there was no such coal-quality inspection equipment and instrument as now, and coal-washing was the only available way for Zhang Shihe. In 1987, Zhang Shihe worked at the furnace plant, and for a while, the fire always went out. Zhang Shihe got very anxious, and thought it over and over again. At last, he found the cause from the coal residue, and it was that the driver mixed the smashed rock into the coal. Since there is no inspection instruments and eyes can not tell the difference, Zhang Shihe came up with a simple and old-fashioned method. Every time the driver was unloading, he dug up a spadeful of coal into his washbasin, then added water into the basin, and washed the coal by hand. After washing, he poured out the coal. Then the coal would remain black, while the rock would changed back to its original color. Ever since then every truck of coal must be checked by him. Sometimes in winter when his hands got red and swollen, he still persisted in washing coal. If it was found out that the coal is not pure, Zhang Shihe never accepted or used it, and he reported the fact to the Director Wang. From then on, the furnaces never went out because of the quality of coal.

    In 2008, Zhang Shihe took charge of coal, salt, calcium carbide and fluorite powder. He dealt with coal again, but this time there were about 40 trucks of coal every day, sometimes even over 100 trucks. Zhang Shihe only had two assistants, and he shuttled form one yard to another every day. Since he got serious rheumatism, the electric bike became his means of transport. Even though there were equipment and instruments to inspect the quality of coal, but it was impossible to check every truck. Therefore, he picked up his old method--washing coal. Others could not make out the difference of the quality, but he could see it by a glance. In order to convince the suppliers, they sampled from both the top and the bottom of the truck every time, sieved and washed it, and then dried it on the concrete floor. The quality of the coal can be told by comparison of these two samples. Zhang Shihe also summarize 12 regulations. If the quality is unqualified, or there is shoddy goods, the supplier will be fined. Within one month, the amount of finewas up to 4 million yuan, which also surprised Zhang Shihe. And because of this, Zhang Shihe offended some people, and they tried to bribe and threaten him. Zhang Shihe did not take the bribe, and was not afraid of them. Zhang Shihe said that the company trusted him with the job, he should be responsible for the company, and should not do something disadvantageous to the company.

     and said, ‘I learned that how awesome you Huantai citizen are.’


     Today we talk about this thing like a joke, but it reflected the selfless spirit of the pioneers of Dongyue. The staggering figures and crooked footprints become the guidepost of the descendants. Dongyue gradually build up its sales team that is represented by Yao Benzhong, Wang Qiang, Rong Qingjin, Zhang Zuotao, Rong Youchang and others. And they are called 18 Pines.


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