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Five Valium tablets every day

There are three types of Valium on the bedside cabinet of Zhou Guangsheng. For over a decade, Zhou Guangsheng could not fall asleep without Valium.

    Zhou Guangsheng joined Dongyue in 1988, and his position was from director of production, to deputy general manager of production, to vice-president and head of dispatching center. Although the job titles are different, the duties are the same: production dispatching and safety and environmental protection.

    In 1990, a peer company relocated its workshop, and some of its fine fluorite were blended with sundries and sand during the relocation. Hearing this news, Dongyue bought this fluorite with low price, and then sorted out it, and washed it before using. Mr Zhou washed and picked out the fluorite along with the workers. When tired, he squat for a while and wiped away the sweat. When hungry, he went to the canteen to buy steam bread, wolfed down it and then went back to work. He once raced with Mr Zhang Jianhong ...........

    The production field and the project site are where Mr Zhou works, and the time he spends on the scene is much longer than that in his office. He regarded the factory as his home, and had no vacation. Even on his parent’s birthday, he did not take a day off. Every spring festival, he still went to the factory as usual, which annoyed his families. During the 24 years in Dongyue, his house moved three times, but he never asked it once and all was done by his family. Sometimes, his families also complained, ‘couldn’t Dongyue work without you?’

    But Mr Zhou has his own opinion. If he was not on the spot, he would not feel assured. Staying in the factory makes him relieved.

    With the development of the company, the pressure of security and environmental protecting becomes more and more serious. What scares him most is the sound of the fire-fighting trunk and the ambulance, and thus he has got the occupational disease. Especially at night, he could not fall asleep, which was quite torturing for him. As he said, if he did not fall asleep before 1 am, he would have great fear. Once there was a time when he felt very low and the doctor said he developed mild depression. He started to rely on Valium. And if there’s one night he did not take the Valium, he could not fall asleep.

    President of Dongyue Group, as well as CEO, spoke highly of the spirit of Mr Zhou. This kind of spirit is the most precious treasure of Dongyue.

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