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An accidental meeting led to an eternal cooperation

 In the spring of 1996, Fu Jun, CEO of Macrolink Group visited a schoolfellow of his who worked in Huantai. Accompanied by his schoolfellow, he visited Dongyue Group. This incidental meeting yet started thecooperationbetweenMacrolink Group and Dongyue Group.

     Although CEO Fu and President Zhang Jianhong did not talk much, they both were deeply impressed by each other. While going back to Huantai Hotel to have diner, CEO Fu told to Wu Mingjun (the former County Party Secretary), ‘I think Zhang Jianhong is a great entrepreneur.’

     At the very night, Secretary Wu Mingjun called President Zhang and said that CEO Fu Jun wanted to meet him again to talk about some cooperation. Macrolink Group is a foreign-funded enterprise, and to cooperate with an enterprise like this is what President Zhang and CEO Liu Chuanqi have always wanted. Since Dongyue, like other township enterprises, was facing the adversity brought by system reforms, he must bring in a new developmental system if he wants to survive this.

     When President Zhang got to Huantai Hotel, it was already half past eleven in the evening. Fu Jun came straight to the point that he wanted to cooperate with Dongyue, and he wanted to sign a letter of intent before he left tomorrowmorning.

     Later, Zhang Jianhong returned to his company promptly, and asked a truck driver of the company to summon the members of the board to the office. When they all got to the company, it was already 2am, and they started to study the cooperation issue overnight. When they finished the meeting, Zhang Jianhong asked the typist to stay and to draft the letter of intent all by himself. As he wrote, the typist typed away accordingly. After printing it out, Zhang Jianhong proofread it again and again to make sure that the content and characters were correct and accurate, and also the typesetting conformed to the standard. Not until the daybreak, was the ‘letter of intent’printed out. President Zhang, who did not sleep all night, took a short nap shortly before the dawn.

     When he brought the letter of intent to Huantai Hotel, Fu Jun did not finish his breakfast. CEO Fu Jun broke into hearty laughter and said, ‘I will not change a word of it.’ when he read through the letter of intent. The diner table was soon decorated into a desk for signing, and they two signed solemnly on the cooperation letter of intent. Years later, they both become influential men in the business world.The cooperation was based more on their intimacy at the first sight than their understanding on each other’s company. Since then, Macrolink and Dongyue have cooperated for five times. Until Dongyuesuccessfully landed the Hongkong Capital Market, they became long-term cooperation partners and friends. During every negotiation before cooperation, there is no familiar fierce debate for each own profit, but it’s more like a free conversation about their friendship. In addition to the capital cooperation, what they have built is the spiritualcommunication and tacit understanding between fellows. Maybe it was an accidental meeting, but since the day they met, they have been destined to experience ups and downs together.

     The cooperation file between Dongyue and Macrolink was officially signed in Kuala Lumpur in one winter. Dongyue Chemical Limited Company was officially established. It changed from a township enterprise into a standard joint-stock company, and this belated but thorough system reform was what President Zhang explored and fought for over four years. That day, President Zhang felt being drunk for the first time in his life, and soundly slept for a whole day and night.

     From the cooperation with Macrolink Group to landing the HK capital market, Dongyue has transformed from a township enterprise to a modern one integrated with international market, and has successfully made the system breakthrough.


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