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Name:Methane chloride
Category:Chloride Methy Chlorine&Alkali products
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Molecular Formula: CH3Cl     Molecular Weight: 50.45
Conformable with HG/T3674-2000

Item Excellent grade First grade Qualified
Purity(%)≥ 99.5 99.0 98.0
Acidity(HCl)%≤ 0.0015 0.005 0.008
Moisture(%)≤ 0.010 0.080 0.150
Residue after evaporation(%) 0.0030 0.005 0.008

Colorless gas, with characteristic odor. Relative density 0.92, Melting point -97.7℃ , Boiling point -23.7℃. It is little flammable, tiny-dissolve in water, dissolve in ethanol, aether, benzene, benzinum etc. If it ismixed with high concentrated Oxygen, the explosive mixture is formed, meeting flame it can cause burningexplosion and generate the highly toxic phosgene.

It is widely used for methyl Chlorosilane, Lead tetramethide, Methyl cellulose. Another purpose is toproduce Quaternary ammonium compounds, Pesticides etc. In the process of butyl rubber production, it isused as solvent..

Packing, Storage, Delivery
Store in obturation tanker. Loading modulus must lower 0.8. Store in shady and cool, clean, aeration place.The storage must obey relative rules of dangerous cargo delivery on railway, road by country laws.


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