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Conformable with GB/T4117-2008
Molecular Formula: CH2Cl2 , Molecular Weight: 84.93

Item Excellent grade First grade Qualified
Appearance Colorless , clarification, No suspension, No mechanical impurities
Color(Pt-Co)≤ 10 10 10
Acidity (HCl)%≤ 0.0004 0.0004 0.0008
Moisture(%)≤ 0.010 0.020 0.030
Purity(%)≥ 99.90 99.50 99.20
Residue after evaporation(%)≤ 0.0005 0.0005 0.001

Colorless liquid, with characteristic odor. Relative density 1.326, Melting point -96.7℃, Boiling point 40.4 ℃.Ifit is mixed with high concentrated Oxygen, the explosive mixture is formed, but it is not inflammable.It isone of the low-boiling-point industrial solvents that have small toxicity,no inflammable. It has good solubilityfor many resin, wax and fat, soluble in water slightly, easy soluble in other chlorosolvent,ethoxyethane andethanol. Dichloromethane can take place hydrolysis with water in a certain temperature. The commercial dichloromethane often contains stabilizer in order to prevent decomposition.

Dichloromethane has strong solubility and no toxicity, ect advantages. It is widely used for manufacturingsafety film and orthocarbonate and can also be used for solvent of paint, cleaner for metal, gas-fog sprayagents, polyurethane foaming agent, mold-release agent, paint remover. Dichloromethane is also used inthe manufacture of photographic film and has been used to remove caffeine from coffee.

Packing, Storage, Delivery

Store in iron drums after zincification, black drums or obturation tanker. Loading modulus must lower 0.8.Store in shady and cool, clean, aeration place. The storage must obey relative rules of dangerous cargodelivery on railway, road by country laws.

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