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Name:32% Ion Film Caustic Soda
Category:Chloride Methy Chlorine&Alkali products
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Conformable with GB/T209-2006

Item Excellent grade
NaOH (%)≥ 32.0 
Na2CO3 (%)≤ 0.1
NaCl (%)≤ 0.005
Fe2O3 (%)≤ 0.0006

The liquor of Ion Film Caustic Soda is colorless liquid. Water liquor shows irritating alkalescence.Counteract with acidity, react with zinc, aluminum, etc create hydrogen. Under normal temperature NaOHhas much causticity to iron, copper, little to pig iron, no to nickel, silver. Liquor has cautery to glass,chinaware and creat sodium silicate.

It is an essential ingredient in many industrial operations, including pulp and paper, detergent and in the
chemical processing industry. It is also used in alumna, oil and gas and textile industries.

Packing, Storage, Delivery

Store in special tanker or tank with sign “Corrosive Cargo”. Clean the tanker or tank after loading two
times. Avoid leak. Forbid contact with any acidity.

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