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Name:PFSA Proton Exchange Membrane
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Proton exchange membrane is a solid polymer electrolyte, which has excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, electrochemical performance and chemical stability. It can be used in acid, alkali, strong oxidant media and other harsh conditions. Because of its excellent performance, not only is it used in the production of PEM fuel cell, it's also widely used in chlor-alkali, electrolysis, electrochemical synthesis, gas division, electrochemical sensor and others. It serves as the solid electrolyte membrane in various electrochemical cells dependant on selective conduction of the cation.

Note: PFSA membrane is supplied by roll at standard length of 50m with customized size available on special order. The membrane in roll is protected by a 100μm backing film in the surface, which can facilitate transporting the membrane into automated MEA fabrication processes.

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