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Established in Nov.2001,Shandong Dongyue Polymer Material Co.,Ltd is the largest fluorpolymer base in China and the largest PTFE in the world . In 2003, it was identified the state emphasis new & high technical enterprise of Shandong province; in 2004, PTFE series products gained the famous brand of Shandong province; in 2005, 20,000t PTFE was listed into state important torch plan project.

Effort on PTFE high performance material R & D, Dongyue polymer Company powerfully supports process innovation and technology improvement. Breakthrough the traditional 10,000t PTFE design idea, Dongyue mastered one completely process,and made great achievement on PTFE biaxially oriented film and electric membrance, meanwhile, Dongyue began R & D modified PTFE that will create steady base for China PTFE further process product development.  

In Nov 2002,Dongyue PTFE and further processed product passed "adopting international standard product signal authority". Since entering the market, our product occupied domestic and foreign market immediately, the domestic market share is up to 30%, and the export quantity in china is up to 50%, our PTFE had been expanded to EU,USA, middle east, southeast Asia etc area.

The company development plan is following: keeping to enlarge the fluorpolymer scale, improve process and technology level, R & D HFP oligomer, fluorubber and modified PTFE etc further processed products, create completely product series, establish the largest fluorpolymer base in Asia and become outstanding China PTFE brand enjoying the fame all over the world. 


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