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Shandong Dongyue Fluorine & Silicon Material Co., Ltd, established in 2003, have thermoelectricity factory, chloralkali factory, chloride methane factory. Now the company capacity has reached 160,000tons chloride methane, 120,000tons chlorine & alkali, 100,000KW power. Main products are dichloride methane, chloroform, aqueous chlorine, ion membrane Alkali, hypochlorite acid all that have more excellent quality than other domestic companies' , the produce technology is No.1 in China, and is advanced in the world also During the construction and produce process, the company payee much attention to the environmental protection, therefore we adopted advanced three wastes treat technology from USA and Japan.

Our advanced management and automatic control system help us realize harmonious running in high quality and efficiency, but low cost. Guaranteed by the ISO9001 Quality Manage System, ISO14001 Environment Manage System, ISO10012 Measure System and UL Product Safety Authentication, the company keeps to enlarge the scale and technology improvements. Within 3-5 years, we will construct the largest chloride methane manufacture silicon base in China.   


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