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Shandong Dongyue silicon material co. Ltd was founded in 2006. The first term of 40,000Mt silicon project will start produce at the end of 2007. The main products includes: Methyl Trichlorosiane, Dimethyl Dichlorosiane, Methylhydro Dichlorosiane, Methylhydro Dichlorosiane and Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane etc. Silicon material can not only been applied in some high-tech industries such as aviation and space-tech, but also can been implemented in architecture, textile industry, automobile, enginery, electronic, chemical light industry, leather and paper mill and medical industry. It is also an important symbol of national developmental level.

Corporate provided with top-ranking labs and plants. Company focus on research, exploit and produce in Silicon oil, silicon rubber product, silicon resin, silicon coupling agent and further product. Corporate is seeking to be the famous silicon produce base in the world by five years.


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